Jupiter Elementary School Teacher’s Suspension On Hold After Grievance Filed

PALM BAY, Florida – The Brevard County School Board’s three-day suspension of John Chybion, a music teacher at Jupiter Elementary School, has been placed on hold after the teacher filed a grievance, according to Brevard Public Schools’ spokesperson Jennifer Wolfinger.

BPS suspended Chybion for allegedly taking a photo of a student on his personal cell phone and allowing another student to leave a school function with an unauthorized person.

According to Brevard Public School records, Chybion allowed a student to leave with an unauthorized individual from a school function on February 9, 2018. When the parent arrived to pick up the child, the parent was unaware that the child had left with an unauthorized adult.

On March 6, 2018, Chybion allegedly took a photo of a student with his personal cell phone and projected the photo for the entire class to see, which caused embarrassment to the student.

Chybion was suspended for three days that was scheduled to take place March 28 through March 30, 2018, but the suspension has been put on hold until the grievance is resolved.

Chybion was previously sanctioned by the Florida Department of Education. His teacher’s license was placed on a probationary status for two years in 2003 and for one year in 2008.

In addition to being a music teacher, Chybion is also the Brevard Federation of Teacher’s union representative for Jupiter Elementary School.