Florida Woman Hits Dog Walker With Flashlight, Hides From Police In Cat Cage

PALM BAY, Florida – A Florida Woman is in jail after she allegedly grabbed an early-morning dog walker’s flashlight and hit him with it, then attempted to hide from police in a cat cage.

According to Palm Bay Police, the victim was walking his dog in Palm Bay, Florida early Wednesday morning.

As the dog-walker passed 1673 Hays Street, he was confronted by the occupants of the residence who complained that his flashlight wakes them up every morning.

Among the occupants who confronted the victim was 39-year-old Tabatha Del Villar.

Police say that Del Villar aggressively approached the dog-walker and that he pushed her away from him to fend off an attack.

That’s when Del Villar allegedly grabbed the dog-walker’s flashlight and struck him with it over the left eye.

By time Palm Bay police arrived, Del Villar had gone back inside the residence.

Del Villar’s father told police that she had left the residence with her boyfriend.

However, police later learned that Del Villar had fled the residence through the back sliding glass and was in the backyard.

When police searched the backyard, they found Del Villar attempting to hide in a cat cage.

Police noted in their report that Del Villar had a strong smell of alcohol and slurred speech.

Emergency Room staff at Palm Bay Hospital advised police that the victim had suffered a corneal scratch which may result in vision loss of his left eye.

Del Villar was charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, aggravated battery to cause disability,  and petty theft.

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