Florida Man Steals Hot Air Balloon From Indiana During Florida Man Challenge

Unwilling to simply Google “Florida Man” and his birthday, one Florida man took the Florida Man Challenge to a whole new level by becoming a Florida man himself.

“You’re going to think we’re full of “hot air” when you read this, but for the first time in our 175 years of existence, we recovered a stolen hot air balloon,” the Marion County Sheriffs Department stated on its Facebook page.

“We received word from the Bloomington Police Department in Indiana last night that a hot air balloon stolen out of their jurisdiction was just spotted at The Villages Hot Air Balloon Festival being held at the Florida Horse Park.”

“[Marion County Sheriff’s Office] deputies responded and confirmed that it was indeed the stolen balloon in question. The owner didn’t want to press charges and just wanted his hot air balloon back. The balloon was towed and will be returned to its proper owner.”

Hot air balloons capable of lifting humans were first demonstrated in France in 1783.

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