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Florida Man Who Raped Neighbor, Then Offered To Do Yard Work, Gets 50 Years

BOYNTON BEACH, Florida – A Florida man who raped his neighbor and then offered to make it up to her by doing yard work and helping around her house was sentenced to 50 years in prison on Monday.

Timothy Adam Walding of Boynton Beach, Florida broke into his neighbor’s house on October 6, 2017, threatened her with a knife, raped her and tied her up.

After the 90-minute ordeal, Walding then offered to make it up to the victim by doing yard work and home repairs.

She convinced the Florida man to untie her and promised him that she would not tell anyone. The two shook hands on the promise.

After Walding left her home, the victim called 911 and Walding was arrested the same day.

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