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Family and Friends Remember Courtney Nash Today

Family and friends of Courtney Nash walked up Max Brewer Bridge today to remember the 16-year-old Mims teen who was killed by an amoeba contracted from swimming in the St. John’s River.

Flower petals were thrown in the air, balloons released, and bouquets of flowers tossed off the bridge this afternoon to celebrate Courtney’s life.

At Astronaut High School, friends left a message on the chain link fence near the northern entrance to the school.
Courtney Nash has donated her organs and is already saving lives.  According to the teen’s mother, PJ Nash-Ryder, during a press conference this morning.

“We learned that a kidney recipient was already undergoing surgery this morning.  She had a strong faith in god.  She always gave to others.  She’s one of a kind.  I didn’t get my miracle, but she performed other miracles.  She was 14-years-old when she asked me to sign the papers to become an organ donor.  This was her calling.  This is what she wanted to do,” Nash-Ryder said.

Courtney’s mother has asked that in the future, when the media begins paying attention to hurricane season around June 1 of every year, that they just add a blurb about the danger of amoeba during the hot summer months to raise awareness and remind parents.

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