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Florida Honey Burglary Suspect Arrested

Ruben Josey
SAN MATEO, Florida — Detective Chris Gay with the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office Detective Bureau was investigating several theft and burglary complaints of honey jars from a produce stand located at 303 East State Road 100 in Putnam County, Florida.

Officials say the investigation revealed that the suspect, identified as Ruben Josey, had taken multiple jars of honey from the produce stand without paying for them.  After approximately $1,400.00 worth of honey was taken, the owner of the produce stand finally installed surveillance cameras.

After obtaining a search warrant for Josey’s residence, detectives located several items which were allegedly used in the crime and items which belonged to the victim.

Josey was arrested and charged with Burglary and Grand Theft.  Josey was given a bond of $10,008.00.

“The surveillance cameras were the key to positively identifying Ruben Josey and his vehicle,” Detective Chris Gay said.   “There are four different cases involving Josey and additional charges are forthcoming.” 

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