Venus and Jupiter Conjunction In The Sky Tonight March 1, 2023

Throughout February 2023 night skywatchers may have noticed Jupiter and Venus appearing to come closer together each evening.

The closest Venus and Jupiter conjunction will occur in the sky on the night of March 1, 2023, according to NASA.

Skywatchers will find the Venus and Jupiter conjunction in the west in the hour or so after sundown.

On the nights of March 1 and 2, Jupiter and Venus will be only .5 degrees apart so that the two brightest planets will fit into the field of view of binoculars at the same time, according to

A U.S. cloud cover forecast map for March 1, 2023, shows clear skies for viewing along the Florida peninsula around the time to view the Venus-Jupiter conjunction.

U.S. cloud cover forecast map for March 1, 2023. Credit NOAA


The two planets then continue to get closer in the sky over the following week, culminating in a close conjunction on March 1st.

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